A Christmas Contest


Jonathan McCullough, of MOI Solicitors in Vancouver, has created the No Complaints for Christmas Contest for his office this season with all proceeds going to imagine1day.

What it is:

This holiday season, give yourself the gift of POSITIVE INFLUENCE!

Challenge your office, school, business or family to see who can make the least number of complaints before Christmas. It’s a simple idea, and yet hard to do since we all complain more than we know. Will Bowen, founder of A Complaint Free World (www.acomplaintfreeworld.org) says complaining is ultimately useless, destructive and unnecessary. The idea behind No Complaints for Christmas is to become aware of complaining and to replace fault-finding with solution-finding.

How it works:

Participants keep track of their own complaints, whether spoken in or out of the office/school/business/home. Only voiced complaints are counted. DON’T WORRY! You may still state a fact and make requests without complaining.

But how do you determine what a complaint is? Here are a couple of examples:

“I’m tired” is a statement of fact, but “I’m so tired” is a complaint.

“You’re always late” is a complaint, but “Please be there on time” is a request.

It’s all in the delivery!

What you need to get started:

1. Set a start and end date and a fee for entering the contest.

2. Keep track of the number of complaints you make and publish standings daily to a board or shared spreadsheet that all participants can see.

3. Make it more interesting, like Jonathan has, by awarding prizes to those who complain the least (each complaint = -1).

It is as simple as that!

Questions about No Complaints for Christmas? Reach out to us at info@imagine1day.org and enjoy a complaint free Christmas on us!

Have fun!!


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